Since the beginning of human cultures, music and sounds have been used to calm the mind and promote joy and well-being. A wonderful way to bring body, mind and soul into harmony is the sound massage. Akasha-Phoenix offers different Sound Massages to create the perfect balance for every situation. All Sound Massages are introduced by a short breathing exercise and accompanied by a fragrance of your choice.


This Sound Massage treats the body from head to toe and, by using 5 different singing bowls and cymbals, supports a complete relaxation of all muscles. Including energy balancing.
60 minutes, appointment price: 59,90€*

Back Special

Do you have back-/ shoulder-problems? Then this Sound Massage is just the right thing for you. The use of 3 singing bowls is intended to ease tension in the back, shoulder and neck muscles and promotes better blood circulation in the arms.
30 minutes, appointment price: 39,90€*

legs Special

Tired legs make walking difficult? Then relax with this special Sound Massage. Three singing bowls are used to treat the legs, breech and feet and promote better blood circulation and relaxed legs.
30 minutes, appointment price: 39,90€*

Anti Stress

This special Sound Massage uses 4 different singing bowls as well as cymbals to treat the head, neck, shoulders, chest and abdomen. It supports deeper breathing and helps to relieve chronic headaches & tension.
30 minutes, appointment price: 39,90€*

* Price per person, including VAT. Only bookable as single application.

Let yourself go completely and enjoy this wonderful way of relaxation.

Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix are in no way a substitute for a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! Please consult the doctor or alternative practitioner of your choice first in case of pre-existing illnesses.

Sound massage

With a selection of different Hot Stones massages we would like to offer you this kind of relaxation and balance. Each Hot Stones massage is accompanied by enchanting scents, calm music and, if desired, different trigger points are treated and tensions are released. Enjoy the warmth and be sure that this treatment provides and switch off from everyday life for a while.

Full Body

This Hot Stones massage treats your body from head to toe. It stimulates the blood circulation, supports the relaxation of the musculature and releases tension. It offers an ideal opportunity to relax and regenerate from everyday life.
60 minutes, appointment price: 49,90€*

Back Special

Back and shoulders ache from sitting for long periods or working at the PC? Then this Hot Stones massage, especially for the relief of back and shoulder problems, is just the right one. It stimulates the blood circulation of the upper extremities, relieves tension and supports the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.
30 minutes, appointment price: 29,90€*

Legs Special

Standing for long periods and incorrect movements make your legs tired and stiff? This Hot Stones massage is intended to remedy this. It specifically treats legs, hips, buttocks and feet, loosens tension, promotes blood circulation and revitalises tired legs.
30 minutes, appointment price: 29,90€*

After Work

This Hot Stones massage offers a wonderful opportunity to leave the exertions of the day behind. It serves all the areas that are most frequently used, relaxes them and promotes your well-being. 
30 minutes, appointment price: 29,90€*

Hot Stones

The holistic massage of the Hot Stones has been used by many ancient cultures to pleasantly stimulate blood circulation, relax muscular tension and support lymph flow. The warmth transferred to the body ensures physical and mental balance, activates the body's own energy sources and increases the general well-being.
With a selection of different hot stone treatments and sound massages in different variations, we would like to offer you the opportunity to calm your body, to relax completely and to balance the efforts of everyday life. All treatments are accompanied by special scents and can be performed directly at your place.