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Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix are in no way a substitute for a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! Please consult the doctor or alternative practitioner of your choice first in case of pre-existing illnesses.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation has become increasingly popular for many years. On the one hand it supports us in coping with the high demands of everyday life, on the other hand it offers us many opportunities for personal growth. It also provides a balance between body and mind. Discover with us the world of meditation and find more peace and balance.



Relaxation and balance are essential, especially in today's world, so that body and mind can regenerate, our batteries can be recharged and we can face new challenges. On this page you will find various relaxation treatments.
In the wellness area you will find various Hot Stones treatments as well as Sound Massages in different variations. With this we would like to offer you the opportunity to bring your body to rest, to relax completely and to balance the efforts of everyday life. All treatments are accompanied by special scents on request.

Burn Incense

For many people, the subject of burn incense extremely popular these days. Because, as scientific studies have shown, by burning herbs, wood and resins in the traditional way, we can reduce the load of bacteria and germs in our rooms by up to 90%. In addition, we create harmony and a pleasant room atmosphere.

Further topics

In addition to our main topics, we would like to provide you with a selection of further applications, training and courses. Take your time to look around and let yourself be inspired. We will be happy to advise you in detail on all topics. Contact us at any time by phone or simply send us an e-mail using the contact form.