Relaxation and balance are essential in today's world, where expectations and demands are constantly increasing, so that body and mind can regenerate, our batteries can be recharged and we can face new challenges.
Here you will find various relaxation treatments where you can let yourself go completely.


Akasha-Phoenix has developed a special kind of deep relaxation, where you can let your soul dangle completely. With the help of a special projector we let the night sky shine directly on your location while you listen to the so-called Solfeggio frequencies.  These have an effect on body and soul and ensure peace and relaxation. Breathing exercise & star saga included. You can choose between a single frequency or a combination of all 9 frequencies.
Duration: 60 minutes, price per appointment: 59,90€*

Solfeggio deep relaxation

* Price per person incl. VAT. For more persons please send a request.
Please make sure that there is enough space and that it is possible to darken the room.

Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix are in no way a substitute for a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! Please consult the doctor or alternative practitioner of your choice first in case of pre-existing illnesses.

Relaxation training

Do you feel exhausted, powerless and have the feeling that you can no longer find peace? Then this training is ideal for you, because here you will learn a variety of relaxation techniques and develop your own personal way of "coming down again".
Training session: 60 minutes, price per appointment: 59,90€*

Breath training

Do you also breathe shallowly and are you quickly out of breath? No problem! In this training you will learn various breathing techniques that supply your entire organism with sufficient oxygen and increase your general well-being.
Training session: 60 minutes, price per appointment: 59,90€*