In today's world, relaxation and balance are essential to regenerate body and mind, recharge our batteries and face new challenges. But how do you relax properly and what is the famous deep relaxation?


Do you feel drained, powerless and have the feeling that you can no longer relax? Then this individual course is ideal for you, because here you will learn relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation and develop your own personal method of "coming down" again.
Single session 60 minutes: 29,00€*
Single course 6 x 60 minutes: 149,00€*

Pure Relaxation

Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix do not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! Please consult the doctor or alternative practitioner of your choice first in case of pre-existing illnesses.

Breathe deeply

Do you tend to breathe shallowly and get out of breath quickly? No problem! In this training you will learn different breathing techniques that supply your entire organism with sufficient oxygen and increase your general well-being.
Single appointment 60 minutes: 29,00€*

Single course 6 x 60 minutes: 89,00€*

Stress solution

Do you feel under pressure and get stressed quickly? In this individual course you will learn how stress arises and that stress can also be positive. Let's take a closer look at stress together and develop your individual anti-stress strategy. 
Individual appointment 60 minutes: 29,00€*

Single course 6 x 60 minutes: 149,00€*
We explain it and show you which relaxation exercises you can also easily implement at home and integrate into everyday life. Try it out and learn to relax properly.
Registrations/appointment bookings are possible via our contact form, by WhatApp message to: 0176-47273226, by email as well as by phone: 06203 - 6731888.
We look forward to seeing you!

* Price per person incl. VAT. Only bookable outside the regular course times for small groups.
Please wear comfortable clothes for classes and individual appointments and bring a yoga mat or similar as we sit/lie on the floor.