Portal Days

which always has an effect on body, mind and soul. Since we and even the earth itself vibrate at a certain frequency, this inevitably has an effect on them. For this reason, physical discomfort such as headaches, tiredness, listlessness, nausea, sleep disturbances and aching limbs can occur more frequently on portal days. However, as our system only ever reacts to acute circumstances, these symptoms are always a sign that it is time for a reorientation / a new beginning in order to adjust our own frequency. In the end, we always create our own state ourselves and so we can also use portal days ideally as a "push", i.e. as a motivator and energy boost. The important thing is to increase your own frequency through positive thoughts and emotions.
The term portal days comes from the old Mayan calendar. It refers to days that are repeated at certain intervals, on which a very high vibration prevails and cosmic radiation/energy hits the earth and thus us humans. Portal days are excellently suited for intensive introspection and help us to gain important insights about ourselves and our lives. This happens through the cosmic energy that meets us,

What are portal days?

03. 05. 22. 26.
02. 03. 10. 16. 21. 24.
01. 09. 12. 17. 20. 30. 31.
01.-08. (10täg. Serie)
09.-18. und 28. 31.
05. 08. 16. 21. 24. 29.
05. 12. 13. 20. 24.
10. 12. 31.
03. 22.
09. 13. 20. 21. 28.
03. 08. 11. 16. 24. 27.
02. 05. 15.-24.

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