Meditation & Mindfulness

For many years, meditation has enjoyed increasing popularity because it is an excellent technique to help us face the growing challenges of everyday life. But it offers much more. Meditation supports self-discovery, strengthens self-confidence, promotes inner peace and balance and can prevent many mental illnesses at an early stage.

Meditation Beginners

In the Meditation Beginners course you will learn the basics of meditation and how to interact more mindfully with yourself and your environment. You will also learn tips and tricks on how to apply meditation in different everyday situations and stay balanced more easily.
Single session 60 minutes: 29,00€*
Single course 6 x 60 minutes: 149,00€*

Dream Journey

Meditation Advanced

In the advanced meditation course you will learn about other types of meditation. You will also receive information on sitting positions, breathing techniques, mudras (finger postures) and mantras (affirmations). This course is ideal to deepen your knowledge.
Single appointment 60 minutes: 29,00€*
Single course 8 x 60 minutes: 199,00€*
Surely you have already experienced the calming and relaxing effect of a fantasy or dream journey. Akasha-Phoenix takes you to magical worlds and fantastic places in the specially created dream journeys. Including breathing exercise and fragrance of your choice.
Single session 60 minutes: 29,00€*
Discover the world of meditation. We accompany you step by step on your "path to the self" and show you how to apply meditation and mindfulness in many everyday situations and develop the so famous "inner peace". With all courses and individual appointments you will also receive access to our course info page with many instructions on the topics of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.

Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix do not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! Please consult the doctor or alternative practitioner of your choice first in case of pre-existing illnesses.

* Price per person incl. VAT. Only bookable outside the regular course times for small groups.
Please wear comfortable clothes for classes and individual appointments and bring a yoga mat or similar as we sit/lie on the floor.

Mindfulness Training

Do you often have the feeling that you overlook things or don't notice them at all? In this training you will develop better mindfulness and learn to perceive yourself and your surroundings consciously and without bias.
Training session 60 minutes
: 39,00€*


The Meditation Intensive Workshop covers the basics of meditation, sitting positions, breathing exercises, mudras and mantras, as well as many practical exercises. You will also learn tips and tricks on how to apply meditation in many everyday situations and stay balanced. The workshop is rounded off with a 30-minute dream journey to relax.
Single session 3 hours (incl. 15-minute break): 99,00€*
Registrations/appointment bookings are possible via our contact form, by WhatApp message to: 0176-47273226, by email as well as by phone: 06203 - 6731888.
We look forward to seeing you!