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The Solfeggio frequencies are a sequence of 9 frequencies that are said to calm the body and mind, promote inner peace and balance, and have an effect on physical as well as psychological ailments. They were already known to the cultures of antiquity and were used by them in spiritual ceremonies and meditations. The frequencies, which were banned by the church and only rediscovered in the 1970s, are available to us today, embedded in wonderful relaxation music.

Please note: All applications of Akasha-Phoenix do not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Neither diagnoses nor healing promises are made! If you have any pre-existing conditions, please consult your doctor or alternative practitioner first.

On a clear night, gaze up at the stars and simply let your mind wander.
Since the beginning of time, looking at the stars has awakened a feeling of freedom, deep peace and humility in people. The twinkling and shining of the stars makes one's own worries recede into the distance and gives room for dreams, hope and confidence.
Akasha-Phoenix has designed a completely new kind of deep relaxation, where you can switch off from everyday life and come to rest under the stars. With our special projector, the starry night sky shines above you and offers an opportunity to relax. At the same time, you listen to special frequencies that have an effect on your body and mind.


Dr. Royal Rife is considered the inventor of frequency therapy. He discovered that diseases can be cured by frequencies based on their individual electromagnetic signature. There are a variety of Rife frequencies used in Rife therapy. The most important ones include 728Hz, 787Hz, 880Hz, 5,000Hz, 10,000Hz. These five frequencies, embedded in wonderful relaxing music, are available at Stars & Sound.



The Schumann frequency is the natural resonance or pulse of the earth itself of 7.83Hz. This frequency has been shown to have a clear connection to human brain rhythms. Research has shown that it is essential for us to be exposed to this frequency because it controls our mental and physical health, synchronises our daily rhythms, boosts our immune system and improves our well-being. The Schumann frequency (the pulse of the earth) is available, embedded in wonderful relaxation music, at Stars & Sound.
In the Far Eastern traditions, the chakras and meridians have been the focus of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for thousands of years. With the help of special singing bowls, frequencies are generated that activate the chakras and stimulate the flow of life energy (prana, ki, chi) in the body. The frequencies of the 7 main chakras are available at Stars & Sound, embedded in wonderful relaxation music.
Travel to the stars with us and let Stars & Sound enchant you!
In our modern world we are constantly exposed to artificial frequencies (mobile radio, radio waves, etc.). There are a variety of healing frequencies that re-harmonise body and mind and lead to deep relaxation and tranquillity. You are free to choose which frequencies you would like to listen to at Stars & Sound. We will be happy to advise you in detail and give you detailed information about the frequency you have chosen.

The frequencies

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