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The new courses 2020 at the vhs Heddesheim

Who does not know well. always hear and we read that so-called dietary supplements are an ideal support to a balanced diet to counteract various diseases. But in the selection and the oversupply it is no wonder that many people but then decide against it. It's easy when you know what to look for.

Find out in this detailed presentation interesting background information on dietary supplements, their use and dosage and what for now really worthwhile.

Meditation for beginners and advanced

Also this semester we welcome again sincerely to meditation for beginners and advanced.

For several years, the meditation a growing popularity, especially because our daily life is increasingly stressful and challenging. Many people are therefore looking for a balance, but often do not dare to meditate. Whether it is because they have never had or a false picture of meditation because they simply fear of doing something wrong. Also, the typical image of the meditating Buddha, which bring many people with meditation in conjunction is a long time is no longer appropriate.

In the entry-level course will teach you no-frills, know the basics of meditation and how to integrate them in a very simple way in your everyday life. In addition to proper breathing, mindfulness and concentration training you are converted directly with the many practical exercises, the learned and develop as your own individual way of meditation.

In the advanced course will teach you many other types of meditation know and will learn how to use meditation in almost any situation, to break through your own thoughts and to create motivation for the new.

The basics of meditation to be repeated again briefly in the advanced course. So you can also participate as an entry on the advanced course.

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In the Far Eastern traditions, the chakras and meridians of man have been the focus of a healthy and balanced life for millennia. The chakras, which form so-called energy vortexes and are compared with the lotus flower, are to distribute the vital energy (Chi, Ki, Prana) over the meridians (energy channels) throughout the body and thus ensure balance, health and well-being. Why should not we too use this ancient knowledge to enrich our lives?

In this course we will study the chakra system and human meridians. In addition to a theoretical introduction and interesting information about the individual chakras, there will be many exercises, such as guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation sessions. The activation of the energy centers and the restoration of the energy flow are in the foreground.



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Deep relaxation with the "Solfeggio Frequencies"

gallery/k - te m. d. solfeggio-frequenzen (mittel)

Lecture: "Supplements - but which are useful?"

The 9 Solfeggio frequencies were already known to the different ancient cultures and were specifically used by these peoples for the relief and healing of physical and mental illnesses. Even the early Catholic Church knew about the Solfeggio frequencies and their effect and used them in the composition of numerous chorales, such as the Gregorian monk songs.


In this course we take turns listening to the 9 Solfeggio frequencies, which, embedded in wonderful relaxation music, act on our body and mind. Guided meditations and breathing exercises complement the effect. Above us, thanks to a special projector, shines the night-time starry sky and invites you to dream and "let your soul dangle".

gallery/v - nahrungsergänzungen (mittel)

8 evenings á 60 minutes

Tuesdays 06:00 - 07:00 pm
Bürgerhaus Heddesheim (3rd floor)
Start: Januar 2020

8 evenings á 60 minutes

Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Bürgerhaus Heddesheim (3rd floor)
Start on: 24.09.2019

10 evenings á 60 minutes

Fridays at 07:00 pm
Bürgerhaus Heddesheim, Gymnastics Room (UG)
Start January 2020

May/June 2020

07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Pflug, Bürgerhaus Heddesheim

Please wear comfortable clothes and a seat cushion, a yoga mat or similar bring along, as we sit on the floor.

Please wear comfortable clothes and a seat cushion, a yoga mat or similar bring along, as we sit on the floor.

Please wear comfortable clothes and a pillow bring along, as we lay an the floor and look up to the roof.

Mindfulnes und meditation for children

gallery/k - achtsamkeit & meditation für kinder (mittel)

10 dates á 60 minutes

Tuesdays 07:30 pm
Karl-Drais-School Heddesheim
Start after the course "Meditation for beginners"

In the age from 8 to 12 years
Please wear comfortable clothes and possibly a drink with you

Mindfulness and Meditation - two of the most important issues of our time, to counteract stress and strain at an early stage. includes many schools now that mindfulness training and so-called insight meditation to the curriculum and the results are meaningful. So sanctioning and detentions decreased significantly, the children were quiet in general and increased their concentration. And these are just some of the advantages that bring the mindfulness and meditation with him.

In this course, the child learns to know in a fun way the basics of meditation and mindfulness training. The perception is trained in this way and the kids get to even know themselves and find out why they react in certain situations the way they do it.

Lecture: "stress management - better deal with stress in everyday life and job"

gallery/v - stressmanagement (mittel)

February/March 2020

07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Pflug, Bürgerhaus Heddesheim

We live in a time when everything seems to accelerate. Appointments and tasks become more and more, and the available time running out. So who is surprised that stress is now one of the most common causes of mental as well as physical illnesses. Who constantly overwhelmed, damaged in the long term so that his body and mind. The body falls into a kind of "flight status" and starts all systems accordingly. Breathing becomes shallow, pulse and blood pressure rise, and during sleep are found no longer the recovery that has yet so much needed.

In this presentation you will learn how stress on our entire organism works and how to deal with simple tips and tricks, in many situations, can counteract the stress specifically that reduces general stress levels and creates a better deal with stress in everyday life and at work.

Children's afternoon "Journey to the Stars"

gallery/kn reise zu den sternen (mittel)

february 2020

Friday 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Mansion Heddesheim, Gym (UG)

In the age from 8 to 12 years
Please wear comfortable clothes and possibly a drink with you

Join us on a journey to the stars and learn the constellations of our night sky know. Our star projector we get the stars to us directly. There are also exciting stories about all the constellations and a little surprise for "with-homecoming-take"

Children's afternoon "Life in Ancient Egypt"

gallery/kn leben im alten ägypten (mittel)

May / June 2020

Friday 16:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Mansion Heddesheim, big club room (third floor)

In the age from 8 to 12 years
Please wear clothes that can get dirty / and bring drinks something for small appetites please

Enjoy an afternoon in ancient Egypt. Check with us the life of the ancient Egyptians and dive into the roles of farmers, artisans, builders, priests and the royal family. In addition to exciting role-playing you learn also how the everyday life of the ancient Egyptians looked and hear exciting stories and fairy tales from the time of the pharaohs. In the end, everyone is allowed, everything he has done on this day, take it home.