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Just as each person has their own preferences and needs, desires and dreams, goals and above all their own character, my achievements have a different design and different prices. So I always advise individually on your needs but also adapted to your options. This can be done with you in your usual environment or at a location of your choice.


I always require a free first meeting, so that we can get to know each other in peace. If we do not find each other then, I am very happy if you compensate my approach.


An application of the bar you will not find with me, but for a very loving, empathetic and friendly advice, whenever you want.


Here is a list of my services:

  • Counseling

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Motivational coaching

  • Crisis management

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Awareness

  • Meditation

  • Relaxation training

  • Sound massage

  • Light, aroma u. Sound applications

  • Advice on alternative nutrition and nutritional supplements

  • Spiritual healing & healing energetics

  • Shamanism

  • Reiki (various systems)

  • Energy work

  • Karma resolution

  • Dissolution of negative energies and blockages

  • Chakra work

  • Akashic Chronicle

  • Mediality & Channelings

  • Angel

  • Beyond contacts

  • Grief overcoming

  • Life care

  • Fumigations

  • Energetic house cleaning

  • Inaugurations & Training

  • Trainings

Now it is in your hands. Let the change begin. I can show you the way, but only you can go it by yourself.


I'm happy for you!

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Do not stay in the past, do not dream about the future. Focus on the present moment.