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Shooting Stars Nights 2019
The Perseids

Also this year we meet again to the common "shooting star watch".
The Perseids, which are the largest visible meteor shower, will charm you with up to 150 falling stars per hour in ideal conditions. And this year we are lucky that the disturbing factor Moon will not shine as brightly as last year and will affect the view of the shooting stars.


The meteor shower of the Perseids, which consists of fragments of the comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle and burns up in the form of shooting stars when entering the earth's atmosphere, crosses from 17.07. until 24.08.2019 the orbit of the earth. In this period, shooting stars can be observed relatively often in good conditions. However, the chance for a real "Shooting Night" in the period from 09.08. largest until 13.08.2019, because here the Perseids reach their maximum. The shooting stars of the Perseids come from the direction of the constellation Perseus, to which they owe their name.


Our meeting:

On Saturday 10.08.2019 we will meet at the playground in front of the miniature golf course Heddesheim at 9.30 pm and will then walk together to the "Steinrondell" on the backside of the Heddesheimer bathing lake. Since this place is very remote and relatively few lights disturb, the shooting stars should be very good to see here. For those who come from outside, there is plenty of parking at the Heddesheimer bathing lake (fairground Heddesheim).

Bring please a blanket, seat cushion, yoga mat or similar. with, because we sit directly on the floor and maybe something to drink. Even a flashlight would be an advantage. Since we are in the middle of nature, there are no public toilets, so make sure to pee again before you start. Again this year we have calm and relaxing background music to accompany the evening and Akasha-Phoenix will do a guided "wish meditation" with all those interested.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact form. Take a look at our new Facebook group "Sternschnuppen-Gucker". There you have the opportunity to exchange and post pictures and of course you will also get all the latest information.


We wish you all a fantastic "shooting star nights" season 2019 and may all your wishes come true.


Akasha-Phoenix & the "Shooting Stars Watchers"

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