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Since 2018, I have been advising the most diverse people in a variety of life situations and providing them with advice and practical help. Mind healing, energy work, chakra work, reiki applications and channelings are just as much part of it as mindfulness training, meditation, relaxation training and sound massages as well as all kinds of coaching and crisis management. I also accompany the overcoming of bereavement, care for the dead and otherworldly contacts and make my options available.


With the project "Open-Air Meditation" in 2018 I was able to give the people of the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis the opportunity to relax in the "here and now" and to create a balance of everyday life.

Since January 2019 there are changing courses at the Heddesheim Adult Education Center - of course in the health sector. I also advise in the field of health-promoting nutritional supplements.

At sofengo and edudip I am involved in webinars, live coaching, trainings, energy work and much more. encountered.

In this increasingly stormy time of change, my work aims to show people the possibilities of self-discovery and awareness and to guide them in an advisory and helping way on their often very confusing and disoriented path.

Be it specific inaugurations, live coachings, energy work, trainings or individual "spirit counseling" - I would also like to put all this at your disposal in order to create a future of unity, love and harmony together.


The next project is dedicated to the topic of "mindfulness and meditation" in schools and in the workplace and is intended to help, in the future, to facilitate the early development of spiritual development and to create an effective balance and relaxation in our performance-oriented world.

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My Work

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