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Excursion "Local wild herbs"

An old proverb says: "A herb has grown up against every illness and disease"

... and this saying does not come from Approximately!

In our modern age, where cities are growing ever faster and natural herb meadows are becoming rarer, only very few people know about the benefits and uses of our native wild and medicinal herbs. But on our fields, meadows and forests is a true paradise for the expert. And the application possibilities are immense. From teas and infusions, tinctures and salves, incense to fresh salads and smoothies, from the self-collected herbs can be something for every taste. On top of that, the ingredients of the herbs, for example, detoxifying, soothing, mood-enhancing, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and much more. can have a healthy lifestyle and our overall well-being.

In this excursion we will get to know our local wild herbs together and find out where we can find them and what we can use them for. During the approx. 2-hour excursion per appointment, we will roam herb meadows around the Heddesheim bathing lake, harvest herbs and get some interesting background information. Since we are already in the middle of the season, there are only two dates this year. In 2020 the excursion will start in May.

Please register via the contact form or call: 06203 - 6731888 (Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00)


2 dates of 2 hours each (four dates from 2020)

Saturday July 27th 2019 (cancelled) & August 10th 2019
Meeting point: minigolf Heddesheim, 5:00 pm

Participation fee: 10.00 € per date (please bring in bar)


Please bring: small scissors / secateurs, bag, if necessary gardening gloves, possibly drinks
Please note: may be allergies please notify in advance, do not forget sunscreen!


Excursion "Autumn Gifts"

And even in autumn, nature offers us a huge variety of gifts. Rosehips, chestnuts and nuts are only a small part of this, because even in the late year there are still some usable wild herbs.

In this excursion, which complements the excursion "Wildkräuter" ideally, we will again learn a lot of interesting information about wild herbs, berries, nuts and plants, which are found at this time of year. In addition to tips for harvesting, use and processing, there are also some tips on how we can easily tinker with the collected materials, a beautiful autumn decoration itself.


2 dates of 2 hours each

Saturday Oct. 5th 2019 & Nov. 2nd 2019
Meeting point: minigolf Heddesheim, 1:00 pm

Participation fee: 10.00 € per date (please bring in bar)

Please bring: small scissors / secateurs, bag, if necessary gardening gloves, possibly drinks
Please note: may allergies please notify in advance, do not forget rain protection!

Samhain Fire Ritual - "The Night of the Ancestors"

According to ancient tradition, a festival is celebrated on the night of Samhain to honor the ancestors. Thus, a place for the ancestors was always reserved on the richly decorated table in order to share in the gifts of the summer. In a fire ritual, herbs, woods and resins were burnt to drive away the evil and call the good spirits of the ancestors to sit down and celebrate the festival with the people. The fire also served as a symbol of protection to provide warmth and light in the upcoming dark season.


As in 2018, Akasha-Phoenix and "NS Eventdienstleistung" in the courtyard of Bismarckstraße 1 in Heddesheim will organize a small party on the evening of the Samhain (Halloween). In addition to small snacks and finger food, drinks, mulled wine and punch and some surprises for the kids, there is also the traditional Samhaine fire ritual of Akasha-Phoenix. Here anyone can burn a bag of said herbs, woods and resins to honor the ancestors and to ask for protection for themselves and their loved ones. In addition, there will be plenty of background information and stories and stories about the Celtic New Year festival "Samhain". The festival starts at 06:00 pm and at 08:00 pm we light the "Samhain Fire" and begin the fire ritual. Participation is free! However, we are very happy about donations 😉


For those who would like to experience Halloween in a different way. Also suitable for the little ones, here nobody is scared!


Thursday, 31.10.2019, 08:00 pm
Bismarckstraße 1, 68542 Heddesheim, in the courtyard

For young and old, everyone is welcome!

With surprises for all children.


Akasha-Phoenix at the community college Heddesheim


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