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For many people, the time has come for the annual spring cleaning soon. Unfortunately, the vast majority limit themselves to their four walls. And yet it is so important to not neglect body, mind and soul even with this topic. I once put together the 10 best tips for your complete spring cleaning.

10 tips for your complete spring cleaning

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Newsletter April/1


Especially now in the spring it is time again that many people want to clean their body as well as the annual spring cleaning. A wonderful kind of "inner cleansing" is the detoxification with so-called detox teas. What you should pay attention to and how you mix with simple means your own detox tea you can find in the article.


For years, the meditation enjoys an ever increasing popularity. In addition to courses and meditation offerings, more and more "meditation apps" are appearing on the market, making it difficult for many to keep track and decide. Here are the top 3 meditation apps in the test that are suitable for both Android and iOS.

3 meditation apps in the test

Detoxify the body with detox teas


Walking meditation - mindfulness with every step

With the warmer temperatures, it draws many people back into nature. You will enjoy the fresh air, the sun's rays on your skin, the chirping of the birds and the first spring scents. However, while walking, you can feel a lot more and even train your own mindfulness. Here is a guide to "Mindfulness with every step" - The walking meditation. Have fun trying!

Newsletter April/2


Our lives are getting more and more hectic nowadays and people are getting more stressed. And while 20 years ago, most people were able to recharge their batteries during their annual vacation, this is no longer enough in our performance-oriented world today. Many find their way to meditation and mindfulness sooner or later. But why can these very Far Eastern traditions enrich our lives so much?




It is now clear to most people that it is essential to move around regularly, preferably in the open air and in nature. The summer sunbathing promises, in addition to a beautiful tan, so many other benefits for our health and our inner balance. Vitamin D3, or sun vitamin, is essential for this.


The sun-vitamin

Meditation & Mindfulness in line with the trend

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Have you really laughed today?
Laughing yoga to join in

Laughter is one of the most important things if we want to achieve a healthy and positive basic life. So we should laugh really heartily at least once a day. However, this is often not easy for many people. The Lach-Yoga should help here. Alone, most of them make you laugh, and that's the goal. Just have a look at the video and laugh. The video is in English, but you do not necessarily have to understand what's being said, because laughter knows no language.



Newsletter May

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All articles, reports and statements are solely the opinion of the author. They are in no way to be regarded as a diagnosis or promise of success in use and do not replace the visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.
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Tips for a good night's sleep

Who does not know it: first one does not sleep, because the thoughts circle and the day runs once again before the inner eye; then you suddenly have to get up again, because the "village" is calling; falling asleep is almost unthinkable anyway; and then the alarm goes off again and you get the feeling that you have not slept for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, a lot of people do it this way and in the long term a sleep that does not regenerate the body and mind, paves the way for depression and mental illness. Learn in the article how to sleep more easily and what sleep habits contribute to getting the rest you need.


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Surely you have heard the saying "You are what you eat!"
But what should we pay particular attention to when it comes to nutrition? Above all, since almost all foods are now processed industrially and contaminated with pollutants, it is increasingly difficult to provide the body with all the nutrients he needs. But not only the body is dependent on a balanced diet, also our mind needs enough nutrients to be able to work well, especially in stressful situations. What nutrients that are and in which foods these are contained you will find in the article.


Healthy food - not just for the body

Newsletter June

10 tips for better stress management

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Surely you know it too: The day has too few hours to complete all the tasks that you have received from the boss. In addition, there are family, friends and, of course, the household. Understand that you are stressed then. But how do you handle your stress? Do you let yourself be overwhelmed by it until you can no longer, or are you trying to accept it and make the most of the situation? Here are 10 tips to better deal with stress.


5G & Mobilfunk - what's really up?


For some time, topics such as "5G, mobile and mobile phone radiation" in the media are currently. That the radiation of electronic devices are not healthy, is now clear to most people, but what is behind it, what can we do to protect ourselves and what is really on the myth "5G and mobile"


Newsletter July

How nature can heal us


Have you ever spent a day in the forest or in nature and then felt like a substitute? That is not by accident. Because in nature, there are some things that can heal us not only mentally but also physically or support the healing of suffering. In the article you will find out which things are and how you can get the maximum in "natural healing". Have fun trying.




Surely you have noticed that you are out of breath incredibly fast in a "stressful" situation. And that is not fancy, because most people do not breathe consciously anymore and thus much too fast and hectic. In doing so, we can positively influence so much in our lives through our breathing. In the article you will find tips for a balanced and calm breathing and how you can easily implement them. Good luck with the "breathe".


Healthy breathing

Newsletter July


Time and again, people in the media hear and read about so-called environmental and industrial poisons, which are increasingly found in our food, clothing, hygiene articles, detergents and, in the meantime, even in drinking water. Many of these poisons could be proven years ago that they cause the most serious diseases or are at least involved in their development fundamentally. But how do these toxins get into our drinking water and food and why are they so dangerous to the human organism?

Environmental toxins and how they affect our health

Newsletter September

Body, mind and soul - fit through the autumn

gallery/fit durch den herbst

Fall is just around the corner and once again it's time to prepare for the cold season. Now it's time to build up defenses. But in order to stay in balance, it is again important not only to strengthen the external defenses to protect themselves from diseases, but also the inner, because after all, body, mind and soul should feel at ease. How to do that and how we can protect ourselves from the typical winter depression can be found in the article.

Another way of Halloween - the "Samhain Festival"


On 31.10. it is time again. Children roam the streets, disguised in eerily beautiful costumes, on the hunt for sweet ... or sour? The "scary festival" of the year is celebrated every year by more people. But only a few know the true origin and background of the festival, which is celebrated in honor of the deceased. Learn all the information about the "Samhain Festival" in the article and experience Halloween differently at our "Samhain Festival of the Ancestors" on 31.10.2019.

Newsletter October