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Author of all articles is Akasha-Phoenix (Mario Münzer). The articles were created by reference and research of various sources. On request these are gladly communicated. You are welcome to copy, share and publish the source.

All articles, reports and statements are solely the opinion of the author. They are in no way to be regarded as a diagnosis or promise of success in use and do not replace the visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.
For health questions, please always consult the doctor or alternative practitioner first.


Time and again, people in the media hear and read about so-called environmental and industrial poisons, which are increasingly found in our food, clothing, hygiene articles, detergents and, in the meantime, even in drinking water. Many of these poisons could be proven years ago that they cause the most serious diseases or are at least involved in their development fundamentally. But how do these toxins get into our drinking water and food and why are they so dangerous to the human organism?

Environmental toxins and how they affect our health

The long night of the adult education centers


Friday, 20.09.2019, 05:15 pm - 10:00 pm
Volkshochschule im Bürgerhaus Heddesheim

A cross-section of the course program of the Heddesheim Adult Education Center. Perfect for sniffing into the courses.

The Adult Education Association organizes a "Long Night of Adult Education Centers" nationwide on Friday, 20.09.2019.

The vhs Heddesheim and the folk high schools Edingen-Neckarhausen, Dossenheim, Ladenburg and Schriesheim participate in a joint program. In Heddesheim, the evening will start at 17:15 with an opening speech by the vhs leader Mr. Graser and the mayor Mr. Kessler and will end around 22:00 clock. Visitors have the opportunity to visit a cross section of the course program and watch the courses before the semester starts. Admission is free and refreshments are available on site.


Course overview:


05:15 pm - 06:00 pm (large hall / Groundfloor)

  • Opening of the evening & champagne reception

  • "Zumba kids"

  • "Fingerfood and Recipes"

  • Entry in the workshop lists


06:00 pm - 06:45 pm:

  • "Chakra" - large clubroom (3. floor)

  • "Schmuckdesign" - small clubroom (2. floor)

  • "Oriental Dance" - Pflug (Groundfloor)


07:00 pm - 07:45 pm:

  • "Meditation for Beginners" - large clubroom (3. floor)

  • "Badekugeln" - small clubroom (2. floor)

  • "Senior Gymnastics" - Pflug (Groundfloor)

  • "Pilates" - Gymnastics Room (Basement)


08:00 pm - 08:45 pm

  • "We sew a bag" - small clubroom (2. floor)

  • "Zumba" - Pflug (Groundfloor)

  • "Feldenkais" - Gymnastics Room (Basement)


09:00 pm - 09:45 pm

  • "Tiefenentspannung" - large clubroom (3. floor)

  • "We sew a bag" - small clubroom (2. floor)

  • "Feldenkrais" - Pflug (Groundfloor)

  • "Kundalini Yoga" - Gymnastics Room (Basement)



Body, mind and soul - fit through the autumn

gallery/fit durch den herbst

Fall is just around the corner and once again it's time to prepare for the cold season. Now it's time to build up defenses. But in order to stay in balance, it is again important not only to strengthen the external defenses to protect themselves from diseases, but also the inner, because after all, body, mind and soul should feel at ease. How to do that and how we can protect ourselves from the typical winter depression can be found in the article.

Another way of Halloween - the "Samhain Festival"


On 31.10. it is time again. Children roam the streets, disguised in eerily beautiful costumes, on the hunt for sweet ... or sour? The "scary festival" of the year is celebrated every year by more people. But only a few know the true origin and background of the festival, which is celebrated in honor of the deceased. Learn all the information about the "Samhain Festival" in the article and experience Halloween differently at our "Samhain Festival of the Ancestors" on 31.10.2019.

Shooting Star Nights 2019 - "The Orionids"


Period: 02.10. - 07.11.2019
Maximum: around 21.10.2019
Best observation: dawn
Disturbance factor: decreasing moon during maximum
Origin: 1P / Halley
Radiant: constellation Orion

Twice a year, early May and late October, the Earth is approaching the lane of the most famous of all comets, 1P / Halley. It is above all dust that the comet left behind in its "perihelion passages", which today produces the meteor showers of the Eta Aquariiden (May) and the Orionids (October). The radiant of the meteor shower, the point in the night sky from which the shooting stars seem to come, lies in the constellation Orion, from which its name derives.
The Orionids are active in the period from 2 October to 7 November; the unusually wide maximum with a ZHR (average drop rate per hour) between 20 and 40 occurs around the 21st of October, in some years almost equally high fall rates are registered for several nights, in others again very variable from night to night. Since the radiant does not open until late in the evening, the best time to observe is just before dawn. Nevertheless, only half as many meteors will be visible in our latitudes as at the same time in the southern hemisphere.


Evaluations indicate that the planet Jupiter influences the orbits of the Orionid meteors, causing their rates to fluctuate between about 20 and 40 years in a 12-year rhythm. While 2015 brought low rates, in 2021, as in 2009, the higher numbers are expected. In addition to these fluctuations and the varying nature of the maximum from year to year (see above), the Orionids are quite reliable. All the more surprising came a clear breakout in the nights 16./17. and 17./18.10.1993 (ie a few days before the classical maximum) when the ZHR was increased for at least 24 hours and also brighter meteors than usual were recorded.


The history of the Orionids
Chinese records show that the Orionids have been observed again and again since the 3rd century to the early modern period, with z.T. quite high fall rates. However, they were only recognized by Edward Claudius Herrick in 1839 and 1840 as an annual meteor shower. Alexander Stewart Herschel was able to determine the radiant on the basis of precise observations in 1864/1865. After that, interest in the Orionids increased rapidly, and soon they were among the best-known meteor showers.


The Orionids 2019
Unfortunately, 2019 is not an auspicious year for observing the Orionids, because the maximum (22/10/2019) occurs in the last quarter of the Moon, so that the Earth's moon disturbs in the important hours before dawn. After all, in the context of the 12-year activity cycle of the Orionids after the weak years 2014-2016, an already significantly higher ZHR of more than 30 is to be expected.


Nevertheless, a look into the sky is always worthwhile. And who gets a shooting star to face, please do not forget the wishes 😉


Samhain Fire Ritual - "The Night of the Ancestors"

According to ancient tradition, a festival is celebrated on the night of Samhain to honor the ancestors. Thus, a place for the ancestors was always reserved on the richly decorated table in order to share in the gifts of the summer. In a fire ritual, herbs, woods and resins were burnt to drive away the evil and call the good spirits of the ancestors to sit down and celebrate the festival with the people. The fire also served as a symbol of protection to provide warmth and light in the upcoming dark season.


As in 2018, Akasha-Phoenix and "NS Eventdienstleistung" in the courtyard of Bismarckstraße 1 in Heddesheim will organize a small party on the evening of the Samhain (Halloween). In addition to small snacks and finger food, drinks, mulled wine and punch and some surprises for the kids, there is also the traditional Samhaine fire ritual of Akasha-Phoenix. Here anyone can burn a bag of said herbs, woods and resins to honor the ancestors and to ask for protection for themselves and their loved ones. In addition, there will be plenty of background information and stories and stories about the Celtic New Year festival "Samhain". The festival starts at 06:00 pm and at 08:00 pm we light the "Samhain Fire" and begin the fire ritual. Participation is free! However, we are very happy about donations 😉


For those who would like to experience Halloween in a different way. Also suitable for the little ones, here nobody is scared!


Thursday, 31.10.2019, 08:00 pm
Bismarckstraße 1, 68542 Heddesheim, in the courtyard

For young and old, everyone is welcome!

With surprises for all children.


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