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Since 2018 I work under the name "Akasha-Phoenix" and complement the typical life coaching with spiritual elements, but also relaxation techniques and meditation. In this way faster solutions can be found and implemented and we can regain our inner balance. Above all, Akasha-Phoenix stands for the coexistence of the people and has the goal to support the people in the realization and the search for their true self.

I went in search of my "true self" and received reward, inner peace, balance and a wonderful and happy life.


If only someone had been there at that time who could have shown me the whole thing ...

And this is where my work begins.

All those who are at the crossroads of their lives and ready for real change, I want to give the opportunity to use my experience and skills. So do not be shy, because the shadow will always give way to the light.

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts.

We form the world with our thoughts.


About Akasha-Phoenix

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About me

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I was born and raised in Mannheim. Already as a child I could perceive the emotions, feelings and thoughts of the people, but like most, I adapted to the company and left my way. I graduated from middle school, completed a business education and worked in various professions, sometimes self-employed, sometimes as an employee. However, this never really made me happy and I always felt an inner emptiness and knew:

"This can not be everything that life has to offer."

One day I fell into severe depression due to some strokes of fate. Only years later and enriched by many experiences, it happened. The diagnosis of a chronic illness forced me to rethink.