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About the Open-Air Meditation

Since 2018, Akasha-Phoenix (Mario Münzer) offers the regular Open-Air Meditation (OAM) in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis during the summer months.


During the event, where each evening has its own motto, Akasha-Phoenix introduces visitors to more relaxation and balance in their everyday lives. In a magical atmosphere accompanied by emotional music, enchanting scents and picturesque lighting effects, every evening becomes a unique experience. Every season ends with a party in September.


In 2018, the event took place free of charge on a private property in Heddesheim, on the last Friday of each month from April to September in the evening hours. Despite the initial, low profile, the open air meditation 2018 had a steadily growing number of participants.


Unfortunately there will be no open-air meditation in 2019 due to the missing location. In a relaxed atmosphere, there will be a meeting to meditate together on the dates of the OAM. Here, too, guided meditations, relaxation sessions and motivational parties are part of the laid-back program. Even without show effects worth a visit.


By 2020, the event will take place in a new location, on the last Saturday of the month from May to September. In order to cover the expenses, the Open Air Meditation 2020 will demand a low entrance fee. However, this should be within a framework that allows participation especially for people with limited financial resources


The season's motto 2020 is titled "Meditation meets Motivation" and combines guided meditation, mindfulness training, motivational coaching sessions and relaxation sessions to take visitors on a "fantastic journey" into their subconscious mind.



Participation from 18 years. Since very strong emotions can be triggered during the event, grieving people and people with severe depression should not attend the event. They are welcome to take advantage of the Mourning Overcoming and Crisis Management services provided by Akasha-Phoenix.




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